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Everyday Lovely is a full-service interior design studio based in Denver, CO. We are best known for our ability to edit our signature aesthetic to reflect the values and style of our clients. Each space we create is meant to be a functional, timeless celebration of its owners. We consider it a privilege to collaborate with clients as we intentionally craft an environment that inspires—that makes every day lovely.



Brandy Hall | Everyday Lovely Interior Design | Denver, Colorado

Owner | Principal Designer

After obtaining a degree in interior design from The Art Institute of Colorado, Brandy began her career in fine arts and hand rendering, a background that still informs her design style today as she utilizes texture and scale to create distinctive spaces. Throughout the studio's portfolio, you will find evidence of Brandy's penchant for marrying and juxtaposing styles, from modern to traditional and rustic to coastal. A true Virgo, Brandy is hardworking and creative, even using her free time to research and improve her craft. She fills the rest of her off-time with walking, spending time by the pool, sipping vanilla lattés, and listening to podcasts. Brandy resides in Denver with her husband and son. 

Chalea Fields | Everyday Lovely Interior Design | Denver, Colorado

Owner | Principal Designer

Colorado native Chalea Fields is the other half of the EL Design Team. She also holds a degree in interior design from The Art Institute of Colorado. Since her graduation, she has honed her skills in the design industry, developing an expertise in creating genre-bending spaces with modern functionality. Chalea's aesthetic can be best described as "Transitional Glam," and she is notorious for incorporating animal prints in playful and unexpected ways. As our resident fashion enthusiast, she is always ahead of the curve on trends in apparel and interiors. When she isn't designing, Chalea enjoys being outdoors, collecting accessories, and spending time with her husband, two daughters, and labrador retriever. 

Amy Smith | Everyday Lovely Interior Design | Denver, Colorado


Design Manager | Purchaser

Amy is a talented manager with a deep love for design, architecture, and art. Born and raised in Colorado, she attended college in her home state and developed a passion for the way that design and art can shape our surroundings. In addition to her work as a design manager, Amy is also an expert in mid-century furniture and decor, which she has been collecting and selling for 20 years. Her love for the unique aesthetic of this era has allowed her to build a vast knowledge of the styles, designers, and trends of the mid-century period. When she's not working or pursuing her love of mid-century design, Amy likes to spend time with her beloved dog and nurture her extensive collection of houseplants. Looking to the future, Amy hopes to continue sharing her expertise in mid-century design and to help others appreciate the unique and timeless beauty of this era.

Jacqueline Vogel | Everyday Lovely Interior Design | Denver, Colorado


Jacqueline has a keen understanding of the latest social media platforms and trends and is skilled at creating content that resonates with audiences. She knows how to craft messages that are concise, engaging, and on-brand, and is adept at using images and videos to convey messages in a compelling way.

Jacqueline is a vibrant individual who thrives on the beauty of the great outdoors and the warmth of the sun. With her beloved dog, Jaxson, by her side, she embarks on adventures, finding joy in every moment. Fashion is Jacqueline's outlet for expressing her unique personality and creativity, holding a special place in her heart. Her family and friends are irreplaceable, and she treasures the moments spent together, creating lasting memories. Jacqueline approaches each day with a radiant spirit and unwavering determination, seeing it as an opportunity to make a difference and spread happiness wherever she goes.

Social Media | Brand Specialist 

Everyday Lovely Interior Design Studio | Denver, Colorado

TAWNEY WALDO coming soon


We believe in the impact of your everyday environment on every other facet of your life. We believe that great design is not found in any specific style, but in curating something that resonates with the lives lived inside. We believe that function and beauty can and should co-exist. We believe that bespoke homes are built on communication, collaboration, and transparency.

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