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At Everyday Lovely, we believe that one-of-a-kind people deserve one-of-a-kind homes. With that in mind, we adapt our modern aesthetic and add in custom functionality, designing spaces that are tailor-made for our clients in every way. Our philosophy is simple: your home should be a curated, comfortable expression of you.

Everyday Lovely Interiors | Full Service
Marble shower | Everyday Lovely Interior Design | Denver, Colorado

Edited and unexpected, the Nielsen is a textural take on modern style.

"Chalea and Brandy have amazing vision, terrific connections and are so fun to work with! Regardless of your personal taste they come up with beautiful designs that work for your space. I can't recommend them highly enough!"

Contemporary Mud Room | Everyday Lovely Interior Design | Denver, Colorado


Everyday Lovely

You aren't one thing, and your home shouldn't be either. At Everyday Lovely, we are a different kind of interior design studio, founded in the belief that creating something authentic and unique to our clients is the most fulfilling way to approach interiors. We don't just incorporate our clients' personalities—we showcase them proudly, in their collected belongings, personal style, and individual interests. Our role is curating and refining these elements to assemble a timeless home. 

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